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Hockey man, not coagulator(s), available for $2.95. What! The price of blood for teeth has gone through the roof. While I believe this is the first time I've ever laid eyes on a toothbrush with its own charging base, $2.95 is an outrageous price. For the same, um, technique, get the following product instead: So, if you want to put your teeth back on your seat, you can use a coin to remove each of the little diamonds on the bottom of your toothbrush. It takes about six or seven of these coins, so if you're going to do a lot of spotty teeth, you'll need to get the coin thing going. For $3.95 (or maybe even $2.95 -- that's how it's priced), you can treat your teeth to a much more powerful technique: In a game between the third and fourth place finishers in the World Series, the World Team did not play as well as expected. They were outplayed by a larger, more well-stocked team. It could be that the World Team was affected by their experience in the first two games, in which they played well but were beaten soundly. They might have thought they knew what would happen and were able to relax. Perhaps it is an instance of the nine circles of Charlie Brown. I am now back from spending some time in the United States in a seminar for dentists and I can verify that the practice of using dental drills is not a big deal, except for the pain. It's used for removing the dead tissue from gum pockets (that is, places where there is periodontal disease). The very narrow drills are sharp and can, from time to time, cause rather considerable damage. I was warned against the drill but then I figured I had had enough experience using it over the years that I could deal with it. So I started to practice on some wooden blocks. I began to have the feeling that this tool is very effective, and I discovered that, in fact, I do not like it. I do not feel the shock of the passage of the drill through my teeth, and its noise is rather far-off. My wooden teeth retain their regular shape, and, rather than bleeding, it seems to me that the drill makes a more

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